Procedures and Appeals

Procedures and Appeals

The actions of administrative agencies are governed by procedures, something which is explicitly stated in Article 105.3 CE (an article of the Spanish Constitution) as constituting a fundamental principle. Administrative procedures form the Administration’s way of running itself.

Cuch-Aguilera Legal offers legal advice and defence to public administrations, individuals and entities of all kinds with regards to any administrative or judicial proceedings that must be processed.

Administrative Acts and Procedures

  • Requests and claims of interests and rights relating to assets.
  • Actions of public interest before administrative agencies.
  •  Imposition of general administrative obligations.
  • Disciplinary files, subsidiary and economic enforcements.

Administrative appeals

  • Nullity of administrative acts.
  • Administrative appeals to the same court or to a superior court; appeals for revision.
  • Review of administrative acts. Declaration for a revocation procedure.

Contentious-Administrative appeals

  • Appeals to the courts against administrative acts.
  • Protection of fundamental rights.
  • Legality and constitutionality of rules of law.
  • Appeals against the Administration’s inactivity and unlawful actions.